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At Credit Claims Recoveries, our staff, partners and leaders all over the world are committed to delivering excellent quality and outstanding customer service. Each interaction is a relationship-driven one. Our contact with your customers is constructive, positive and respectful.

Our aim is to effectively manage and resolve disputes in a professional manner, keeping our customer relationship intact with a positive payment experience. Credit Claim's state-of-the-art technologies, dynamic recruitment process, and ongoing education programs ensure that every connection we create is a good one.

Since 1991, Credit Claims Recoveries Financial has progressed using our "People First" strategy to help resolve claims. Not only is seeking an amicable solution to our aim for each account; each of our highly trained and experienced team members works efficiently and effectively to preserve the integrity of the relationship you have built with your customers.

We aim to establish trustworthy relationships with customers by being open in the collection process and ensuring that consumers are aware of their rights. Credit Claims knows your relationship with the customer is important. Our online presence, combined with current technologies and personal education programs, means higher sales conversion and more positive payment experience for your customer.



Our mission is to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and professional debt recovery services available. Credit Claims Recoveries has been committed to becoming a leader in domestic and international debt recovery. All of this, while focusing on the unique challenges of your industry.

Our industries include international and domestic debt collection in the fields of education, health care, trade, government, and retail. At Credit Claims Recoveries, our goal is the same as yours, to discuss and resolve disputes on a professional and timely basis.

Credit Claims Recoveries knows your relationship with your customers is crucial. Our online presence, combined with current technology and staff training programs, means higher conversion rates and more positive payment experience for your customers.



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